This product is currently discontinued. We might revive it later. Thanks for your understanding.


The sidebar gives a top level overview.


The fist entry line shows the current active workspace. By clicking on the name a dropdown offers to switch to other workspaces. From here you can also access the current workspaces settings or create a new workspace. Learn more about Workspaces.


Throughout OnePile documents can be marked via the star symbol. The so marked documents become favorites, which are show in this section. Favorites also float on top of search results.


Various content types are supported in OnePile and defined in Modules. Here a quick filtering per type is possible.


Each document can have assigned multiple tags. Corresponding documents can be filtered here. New tags can also be created from this point.


Deleted entries can be found here and get restored by right clicking on the list entry, where the Restore option will show up then. Right click on the word Trash to choose Empty Trash.


Opens the Settings.