This product is currently discontinued. We might revive it later. Thanks for your understanding.

Public Links

Now that you can share Workspaces you would certainly also like to link to them. It would also be great to refer to contents in OnePile from other locations like e.g. emails, web sites, messages but also contacts or calendar entries.

You can do so with a link of the follwing format:<workspace>/<id>

But you don't need to build it by hand of course. Just go to the share button or right click on a list item to copy a Public Link to the clipboard.

Please note! No content is ever copied to our servers. This is just a pure abstract link that is only used to refer to the note on authorised machines. Learn more about Sync and Privacy

Internal Links

If you know that the link is used on a machine that already has support for internal links, like iOS or macOS with OnePile installed, you may also use the custom URL scheme. It has the following form:


But in general you are strongly encouraged to use the public format.

Available since iOS and macOS 2.0 releases.