This product is currently discontinued. We might revive it later. Thanks for your understanding.

Note Editor

One of the most powerful features of OnePile is its note editor. You can always start with a new note pressing CMD + N or choosing New Note from the main menu or the + button close to the search field.

The note editor provides basic text styling functionalities:

Inline Styles

  • bold

  • italic

  • underline

  • hightlight

  • strikethrough

  • code

  • hyperlink

Block Styles

  • Paragraph

  • Header from level 1 to 3

  • Code with automatic syntax highlighting

  • Numbered lists

  • Bulleted lists

  • Todo lists

Apply Styles

For most styles keyboard shortcuts are available. But you can also use Markdown syntax to apply styles like ## Header to create a header of second order with the content Header.

References and Embedded Content

The note editor's super power comes from embedding other documents or adding references to them. Since all content in OnePile originates from Modules it is possible to add a wide variety of content types like images, video, audio, emails or other notes as well.

To directly add new content from files, just drag them on the note or copy paste them.


  • On copy the plain text put on the clipboard is formatted as Markdown

  • On paste the rich text is simplified and becomes more readable; if you want to keep all visual infos consider using formats like PDF or image