This product is currently discontinued. We might revive it later. Thanks for your understanding.


OnePile is built in a modular way, which is the key to its power. Modules consist of different components. Most modules provide at least one kind of content. This content can be edited in the detail view. But when embedded or referenced the inline view is used. Each module provides further logic for extracting full text and other relevant data.


Let's look at some examples. You are already looking at the most popular module right now, which is the Note Module. It only provides one kind of content which is the note. The Note Editor is the detail view, while the reference to the "Note Editor" article is an inline view.


Another example is the Media Module. It provides more kinds of content: image, pdf, audio and video. The inline views are more powerful e.g. an image can be embedded into a note, get resized and repositioned.

Tag and Folder

Other modules are not so obvious, but since every data is a module in OnePile, also Tag and Folder Modules exists. Read more about it in Relations.


Other modules are: