This product is currently discontinued. We might revive it later. Thanks for your understanding.

OnePile 2.0

With the release of iOS 13, and later this year iPadOS and macOS Catalina, a grab bag full of new features arrived. Many of them are releavant to OnePile as well. A good moment to release a new major version of OnePile.

Document Scanner

iOS has a built-in document scanner now. OnePile will be using this one instead of the previous implementation on newer iOS 13. It is much more powerful and supports scanning multiple page in one session. The resulting document will be a PDF.

Editing for PDF and Media Files

Also starting from iOS 13 it is possible to manipulate PDF files with built-in functionalities. The edited document will seamlessly replace the previous document. Images, Videos and Audios can also be modified from within OnePile.

New Audio Recorder

The audio recorder on iOS also requested some love. The new implementation startes immediately when the user chooses to record audio. A big Stop button quickly saves the result.

More Sync Locations

The file support on iOS has improved significantly, allowing OnePile to not only sync via iCloud but also any other supported locations including your own NAS or USB stick! That is pretty awesome and closes a last big gap between desktop and mobile version.

Public Links

With public links it is finally possible to refer to contents in OnePile via various devices and users. The links directly show the content withing the app. You can use these links to send and share them via mail or messages. But they also are great to be attached to any other data like contacts or calendar entries to provide additional background information or link to relevant documents. And the very best is, the privacy is kept! This is due to not uploading any data. The link just contains the internal identifiers, so only people having access to the content will be able to see it.

Many more areas of the apps have been touched and will continue to evolve. Participate in that process by giving feedback and follwing whats coming next on GitHub.