This product is currently discontinued. We might revive it later. Thanks for your understanding.


If you like Markdown you are going to love these new features. Since version 1.1 of OnePile the import and export in Markdown format is supported.


Import is as easy as dragging a file ending on .md on the app's window or Dock icon. A new note will be created and you can continue to work in what you see is what you get mode (WYSIWYG) inside of OnePile. You can benefit of the advanced features like embedding media by dragging it inside of the note either from inside the app or outside.


The export already worked for single notes, but now it is also supported for multiple notes. Just hold CMD key pressed while selecting the notes from the list and you'll see the export option for multiple files. You can then choose a folder to export the note in Markdown format allong side with the embedded media files.


The best way to test an application is to use it for one's own work. This is commonly decribed as dogfooding. And that is of course what I'm doing by writing this blog article in OnePile and exporting it to my content management system:



While writing a text the support of Markdowns shortcuts comes in handy. For example prefixing a line with ## will create a header or - will add a list item. For inline styles applies the same, like sourrounding a word with ** to make it bold.


Much more is to come, like better support for image and HTML import. Your feedback is always appreciated via Support or GitHub or on Twitter @onepile1.