Migrate from Evernote

It is easy to bring your notes from Evernote to OnePile:

  1. Open OnePile and create/ open the library you'd like to migrate to
  2. Open Evernote on your Mac
  3. Select notes and drag them on the OnePile window

Alternatively you can also export the files and to keep tags:

  1. right Go to the main menu and choose File > Export Notes...
  2. Make sure Evernote XML Formatis set as Format
  3. Check Include tags for each note
  4. Press Save

The resulting ENEX Filecan be dragged on OnePile to import.

Converting to OnePile Notes

Evernote notes will be stored in a special format that keeps the original representation intact. This will help transitioning with minimal friction. But this representation is read only. To edit the note you will have to convert it to a OnePile Note by pressing on the Convert to Collect Notebutton on the top of the page. The representation will be cleaned up while not loosing any information.